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What is jealousy? Jealousy is the resentment of someone who has better talent, reputation, status or situation than himself, and does not contain any envy. What is envy? It is to see that others have certain strengths, benefits or favorable conditions and want to have them too. There is no resentment in it. Therefore, envy does not mean jealousy. So, can jealousy make people better? Let us first cite a fact to illustrate. Do you know the story of David and Faraday? David is a famous British chemist. He once trained the printing apprentice Faraday as a scientist, which was praised by people. However, Faraday later was nominated as a member of the Royal Society because of his remarkable achievements in electromagnetics and chemistry. David, as the president, personally opposed it for one reason: I was afraid that Faraday would surpass himself. After David's heart was firmly occupied by "jealousy", there was only resentment in his heart, he stopped on the path of science, and could no longer achieve anything. This example seems to be far away from us Online Cigarettes. Let me give you an example close to our lives. Zhang Xin, a class leader, and her classmates all admire her and all want to learn from her. So, people often mentioned her. Once, when everyone mentioned Zhang Xin again Parliament Cigarettes, Li Hua said indignantly: "Is Zhang Xin's results so good? Hum, cheating in exams, cheating, and sometimes even bringing review materials to the table. The copy came up, but the teacher couldn't see it. To say the skill, it's really clever ... "Everyone disagrees, but why did Li Hua say these hurtful words? Obviously jealousy is making trouble. He was blinded by jealousy, so that he could not see the merits of others, let alone learn from them, and brought his studies to a higher level. Maybe some people will argue: "You misunderstood what I meant. I mean, one person learns well, and the other person is jealous, and naturally thinks: He can achieve good results, why can't I? I study hard and study hard. Naturally, my grades go up. "These words seem to make sense at first glance, but when you think about it, you find a great mistake. Simply put, they confuse self-improvement with jealousy. Self-improvement means that you have a hard-working thought, and envy is resentment. If you see that others have good grades and you "think poor", it means that this person has self-improvement. This is not called jealousy. In short, jealousy is a harmful psychology. To a lesser degree Marlboro Red, it will cause some trouble to those who want to achieve results; if it is serious, it will suppress the development of a person's life, which is both detrimental and unfavorable. Therefore, jealousy is absolutely undesirable. What we should have is self-improvement, self-confidence, and self-improvement. Of course, we should also help those who are hurt by jealousy to realize their own mistakes and put their minds on study and work, so as to truly achieve the purpose of catching up with others and making continuous progress
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