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The important thing for a watch is the maintenance of the watch. Yubo watch is no exception. If a watch is well maintained, the service life of the view will increase. What is the maintenance method of Yubo enjoy? What is the maintenance price of Yubo watch?
Yubo watch is one of the top see brands. It also needs a long time of careful care and maintenance to ensure that the watch has been in a good running state, and that the observe has a delicate appearance, so as to extend the service life of Yubo look at more effectively. Otherwise, the watch will have various failure problems and need to be repaired in the shop. The maintenance cost is far more than the servicing cost, and the quality of the watch will be reduced. Here is the introduction from the maintenance knowledge of Yubo check out.

Maintenance price of Yubo Watch
The cost of upkeep of universal sit back and watch is determined by the price of watch itself and the degree of use of watch. Because the tariff of each style of universal view is different, the actual moving parts used are not of the same grade, and the way of use of wearer is not exactly the same. Therefore , if you want to determine the cost of maintenance of universal watch, you should send this timepiece to watch upkeep clothes The service center shall conduct inspection and confirmation.
Maintenance method of common Watch: Waterproof
Many people think a good enjoy should be waterproof. Swiss people have different ideas from people all over the world. Most wristwatches are 30 meters or 50 meters water-resistant. Many people believe this means that their watch can be put into the corresponding depth associated with water without any problem. Wrong! 30 yards or fifty meters in the Swiss wristwatch dictionary means life is water-proof. The real meaning is: try not to get your see wet. Only when the water resistant mark depth reaches 100 meters can it be put into the water to prevent water from entering. A real diving watch often needs more than 200 feets of watertight depth.

Servicing method of general Watch: wear
Whether it is all steel or precious metal case, there is always the problem of put on. Many people find the term stainless steel, or never wear, attractive. But in fact, even the situation made of the best steel is going to be worn. Even if the buckle in the watch is naturally worn as well as worn every day. For example , when we hit the keyboard, it will lead to ugly patterns on the buttons of the observe. For this reason, proper care should be taken not to allow the case and also chain to participate in unnecessary wear and tear, which is also necessary for our wristwatch in order to "look new".
Maintenance approach to universal View: magnetic field perfectwrist.co
Many people have the experience that the newly purchased mechanical watch somehow increases the error. And the biggest culprit is magnetism. Because the modern family and social environment are full of electromagnetic fields, if you accidentally put your watch next to the TV at home, it will not take long to be able to cause the particular movement to be magnetized. The significant change after being magnetized is that the movement time error becomes larger and larger. Of course , there is no need for you to panic. In case of being magnetized, you can go to a professional organization for demagnetization. In order to avoid such trouble, it is recommended to keep the wrist watch away from typically the strong magnetic field.

As for the maintenance of widespread watch, it is introduced here that under the condition of ensuring the normal use of universal look at, the water-repellant inspection and appearance maintenance shall be carried out once a year to maintain the appearance of watch along with replace the water proof elements. In addition , the worldwide watch will be maintained every 2-3 years. The operation state on the movement will probably be inspected, often the movement components shall be completely disassembled, the exact movement elements shall be cleaned, and lubricating oil should be added. If your universal check out needs to be managed, you must go to the watch repair center perfectwrist.ru.

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