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In the first grade of elementary school, when I saw a book as if I saw a "killer", I was too late to escape. So, my mother told a few stories of writers reading and achieving great achievements Cigarettes For Sale. After listening carefully, I thought: I am the one who read more books, can it be like the big writer in the story? ;; ashes are qualified, I ca n��t wait to pick up the books the next morning, and even if I ca n��t even eat breakfast, I start chewing and reading. One page, two pages ... I am hungry and thirsty, like an evil wolf, seeing the food, "eaten" gorging on it, and the more it tastes, the more I often forget to eat. Every time I saw a bone left in a plate, I thought I had never used chopsticks! This so-called reading is like eating. What we eat is material food, and what we read is spiritual food. We grew up eating and we grew up reading. The good times didn't last long, my language performance didn't improve, I put down the book with a frown Wholesale Cigarettes, and hurriedly ran to ask my mother, but the mother said seriously: "Everyone has a brain, you have to learn to think. I think about it, and think about it for several times. Days and nights, without closing my eyes, I thought of a famous saying: "There are three times to read, that is to say, to see, to speak. "Reading requires a method. So I made a plan overnight: First, I will read the content of the article carefully three or four times, understand the main content of the paragraph, and then connect the main content of the paragraph organically. I do n��t know the words with the reference book. Marked with Pinyin, and finally excerpting beautiful and vivid good words and sentences Newport 100S, it is such a perfect plan! The next day, although my eyes were sour, but I was relaxed, because I found a way to read for a few days, I I was soaked in the sea of ??books. Gradually, my Chinese score improved from the original seventy to eighty, to a higher level, to ninety. I also felt the sweet taste of reading! I also like to use it more and more The language expresses my feelings. My classmates praise me for my eloquence. The book is so precious. The essence of the book is full of praise. It is the book that changed my destiny. It is the book that adds a wonderful part of my life. I must Cherish the time to study well. As the saying goes, "Young and strong do not work hard, the boss is sad. "" There is a reopening day, and no one is young. "I must fight every second, and strive to be a" school boy "!
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