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The class bell rang, and the Chinese teacher Zang smiled and walked into the classroom. Just listen to the teacher say: "I want to confront the boys in our class in this class!" Ah? Don't know what medicine is sold in the teacher's gourd? Then the teacher went on to say: "I want to challenge all the boys Marlboro Lights, wrench wrist!" At the same time, he made a wrench wrist movement with exaggerated expression. Everyone laughs, there is a good show in this class! The first to appear is Li Guangfu in our class. He is a heavyweight in our class. He is tall and fat, and he has a lot of energy. I looked at Teacher Zang's face with wrinkles and gray hair and couldn't help pinching a sweat. Can the teacher do it? They stood at the podium and the game began. I saw that the teacher smiled easily and remained motionless. Li Guangfu exerted all his strength and flushed, but he couldn't move the teacher's hand. "Teacher cheer!" "Li Guangfu cheer!" The class suddenly boiled Cigarettes For Sale. Li Guangfu exerted his strength to feed on milk, but he could not control the situation. Slowly, he was pressed down by the teacher. The teacher won! "Ginger is still old and spicy!" The students cried.
Everyone recommends that Wang Yongzhou, who is recognized in the class as having greater strength, comes to power. Wang Yongzhou is tall, but a little thin. Can he beat the teacher? We look forward to. The game started again. This time, the teacher squandered the chaos, and only let Wang Yongzhou hold on for a while, and pressed his hand on the table. Everyone could not help but sigh, someone shouted, "Teacher, you are an adult, we are a child, but you can't pull you! "Everyone joins together. The teacher smiled and said who would come up this time to give him two hands Newport 100S. what! Everyone is eager to try, and I look forward to someone overcoming the teacher. After the final agreement, Shi Xian went up. He is the sports committee member of our class, tall. After standing with the teacher, he held the teacher with both hands. Obviously, this time the teacher did not dare to underestimate the enemy and stood steadily. After everyone's "preparation ----- start!" Password, the two sides started a fierce competition. The teacher had enough energy and his face turned red, but he couldn't help but face Shi Xian's two hands. Shi Xian also tried his best. After a long stalemate, the teacher finally couldn't hold it, and his hands fell slowly. Shi Xian won! Everyone cheered, "The teacher lost! The teacher lost!"

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