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In the city lights, a hug

French designer Adeline Ziliox is on the second floor of a manor in the heart of Paris, showing her spring-summer 2020 collection. Bell & Ross BR S Replica watches,The elegant model, dressed in a series of bright shades-yellow and pink seamlessly combined with dark blue and metallic fabric, stitched together with a modern silhouette-walked into the runway of French pop. On that day, Maurice Lacroix's newest female watch, Fiaba Moonphase and Masterpiece Embrace, were on their wrists (and she walked into a burst of applause at the end of the show, as well as Adeline Ziliox's wrist).

Adeline Ziliox and Maurice Lacroix have been "friends of the brand" since 2019, and they have found common values ​​in the interpretation of fashion and the way women today. Maurice Lacroix woman and Ziiliox's style is modern, bold and individual, and they have found a stable common ground. "It's interesting that all the values ​​she sees and all her work are very close to what we have," said Stéphane Waser, managing director of Maurice Lacroix. Adeline talked about her urban style and modern style yesterday (in her performance), and if you look at our campaign, it's urban style. For example, last year, she made a wedding dress with a hoodie. It shows the young and fresh thinking we are also struggling to follow in Maurice Lacroix. "

The latest women's work they showed on the day of the Ziliox fashion show is an example. The first works on display are three new features of the brand's Fiaba collection: Fiaba Moonphase. "The series was first introduced in 1993 and initially had a rectangular case shape," Waser explained. "But in 2011, we introduced a round case to make it very delicate and soft. The bracelet links also have beveled corners, so it's really comfortable to wear." replica watches swiss

These new Fiaba models first appear at six o'clock on a pure moon phase watch, available in all stainless steel or two-tone steel and PVD gold, with a white mother-of-pearl or navy blue sunray dial. The center of the dial is surrounded by 46 diamonds for added brilliance. To update the design and "add a bit more in the modern and modern world", the Fiaba Moon Phase Dial now includes Arabic numerals, a variation of the more classic Roman numerals in the three-handed mode, Waser explained.

And, although Maurice Lacroix is ​​known for high-quality work, but at very competitive prices, they rarely ignore their whimsical and more poetic designs, as shown in the new Masterpiece Embrace.

Based on its original fascinating masterpiece square roulette, its unique small seconds display is made of a square roulette on the dial, and the masterpiece embraces the same principles and makes the roulette heart-shaped. After measuring, cutting and polishing to the micron level, each tooth in the heart-shaped wheel meets with absolute accuracy to make the heart shape rotate on the dial. Waser insists that to achieve such a high level of precision requires watchmakers with amazing talents working in Saignelegier's workshop: I mean, the principle here is the same as a square wheel watch: we want you to see the wheels, but they Still functional wheels, part of the movement. " Bell & Ross BR S Replica watches

Embrace is housed in a 40mm stainless steel case with a white mother-of-pearl dial with a "ray" from the heart or a starry Tangling star (dial material owned by Maurice Lacroix International Product and Marketing Director Thiébaut Bentz) "Since He has been very passionate about using it since he first joined the team, "Waser said. These watches come with a soft calfskin strap for satin navy in Tangling or off-white leather for mother-of-pearl.

Every detail on the Masterpiece Embrace is reminiscent of the French romanticism: the hour and minute hands are in the shape of curved leaves, and the retrograde calendar hands in the lower half of the dial are similar to the arrows of the Cupid bow and circle around the retrograde calendar display French words: "Je t'aime", "United Nations", "beaucoup", "la folie"! (From a classic French children's song, "I love you very, very, very much!") With optimism, the ending of the classic song is "not at all" omitted from the dial. Waser said, "It's perfect to show these delicate feminine watches in Paris." After all, this is a romantic city! Greubel Forsey Replica watches

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