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Taking stock - Inventory management teams are usually found close to their quarry, be it raw materials for the assembly line, finished products, IT equipment, or large shipments. These teams, instead of using clunky handhelds, can today use their smartphones to scan and validate their stock. This saves time and cost.

3. Timesheets - Imagine having to come to office just so that you can fill your timesheet. You would, if you have to, because your paycheck depends on it. However, mobile Time sheet management systems (TSMS) allow you to fill in your work details right from the screen of your favorite little shiny rectangle. This way, you can spend the time required to travel to work in a more productive manner Wholesale Cigarettes Online.

4. Order and invoice management - Mobility has made the critical, customer facing function of order management and invoicing highly efficient. Now, a sales guy can populate the details of a customer's requirement on a smart device interface, which, through its integration with the backend systems, can accurately provide the expected delivery date, the cost Cheap Cigarettes Online USA, and the possible discounts. The invoice can be instantly generated, and mailed to the customer.

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