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Eternal reincarnation is a mysterious thought. "Sometimes, we simply settle for vulgarity because of fear of loneliness, and sometimes we give up being different from others because we are not strong enough. Looking back on the paths that thinkers have traveled, we find that we have experienced each one in our growth The problems that plagued those great souls at the same time. We seem to suddenly find the first memories of the world, have the confidence to be ourselves, and then calmly face the life of Milan Kundera's "The Unbearable Lightness of Life" is My university teacher highly recommended it to us. When I was in college, I only flipped through a few pages, until the activity of the reading festival caused me to open it again. A story happened in the Czech Republic contains many esoteric philosophical thoughts. I think this The novel does not seem to be a novel. It can only perceive the weight of the philosophical weight in the works��criticism and ultimate perfection Marlboro Lights. The novel can feel more about the rational side than the direct expression of emotion in Chinese novels. Kundera's novels are always filled with such a shocking language. One of my favorite words is the confrontation in Kundera's book. Life, an explanation of human nature. "The heaviest burden has also become the image of the strongest vitality. The heavier the burden, the closer our lives are to the earth, the more real it becomes. The author believes that the value of life is manifested through a lifetime. The lightness of life lies in emptiness, and the weight of life lies in fulfillment. The significance of Milan Kundera's work lies in "the choice between light and weight". The choice of the protagonist Thomas was at the time. Socio-politics are closely linked. Therefore, the author's thinking from the individual to the society has universal significance. Thomas' life choice was also a reflection of socio-political choices at the time. Czechoslovakia at that time because of World War II For the sake of the influence of the former Soviet Union, the ruling Czech Communist Party chose the path of socialism. The Czech people thought that this was a path to happiness leading to heaven. The people once fought for it, but the social system at the time Rather than bring happiness to the Czech people, it is pain and disaster. People are increasingly aware of the many drawbacks brought by this system, and they are pointing their finger at the Czech ruling party, who is responsible for the country's troubled and troubled country. The accused person said, we do n��t know, we are all deceived. The author thinks about ��light and heavy�� In fact, it was a direct attack on the social system of the time. The Czech people also faced light and heavy choices on the social system. What kind of choice was the Czech social system at that time, and where should the people go? What are the choices for social lifestyle and core values? Is it light, what is the weight? Carelessly chosen social system may bring unbearable suffering to the motherland and the people, how long can the motherland and the people endure the suffering? These are the philosophical propositions that the author thinks deeply in his works. Life should It ��s for feeling and experiencing. We are all struggling in this complicated world. We have learned to be strong in countless difficulties. At the same time, we have learned to be tolerant. In this mentality, we have the greatest happiness, and maybe it is also an adversity Beauty, in which we are baptized. No matter what kind of problem or what kind of dilemma we will face bravely Newport 100S, look directly at these problems, there is always such a pure land in everyone's heart, it is so innocent and kind, It is the most precious thing in human nature Cheap Cigarettes. There is no deception, no pain, no harm to everything. Only the blue sky of that beautiful beach, we soar in the free sky and let the wind gently rub over our faces. Whatever it is here is so beautiful. He is a dream of people. Why is it a dream? I think often Dreams always make people see the true emotions in their hearts, or it can be said that dreams are our inner feelings. Back to Milan Kundera's proposition at the beginning of the whole chapter: "The eternal reincarnation is a mysterious idea. Use it to embarrass many philosophers. Think about it, one day, everything will be reproduced in the way we have experienced, and this repetition will continue indefinitely. What does this delirium mean?
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