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I remember when I first read this book, I kept on and off. I felt that some bridges were both obscure and procrastinating. I felt irritable. I felt a little ignorant until after reading the entire book, but I thought a lot about life. In the author's pen, Thomas is a lifeless figure and has a strong curiosity for women. The excessive pursuit of sex has continued to cause great pain to Teresa. In fact, Thomas deeply loved Teresa deep in his heart, but the contradiction between the duality of the body and the soul emerged. Because of his character, Thomas lost his job as a doctor, and finally stayed away from the hustle and bustle, escaped reality, and lived with Theresa in a clean and peaceful village. Sabina is a lifeless figure with a strong betrayal of reality, strong competition and passion. The theme of Sabina's life is reappearing, repeating, and revising. She follows a long road of betrayal. Betrayal, like a guilt and a victory, is always tempting her. Initially betrayed his father, later communist art, then husband, and finally love. When she betrayed everything, her life became extremely empty. Franz is a smart, upright, kind but weak person, full of curiosity about the passionate Sabina, just like Liu Ye stepped into the Grand View Garden, getting deeper and deeper. Through Sabina, she gained new life and freedom, and satisfied the world. As a lover's desire, he chased dreams. He foolishly participated in parades, demonstrations, and shouts. It was embarrassing that all efforts were as foolish as Don Quixote wrestled with the windmill. At the Cambodian border, Mao Zedong, who died of robbery, died less than Hong Mao. The contradiction between "pursuit" and anti- "pursuit" of these young people reveals the absurdity and paradox of life itself: everyone has a purpose and reason for life Wholesale Cigarettes, but each purpose has its own emptiness. When pursuing love Resentment is more than joy, the pursuit of reputation is as far away as the flower in the moonlight in the water, and the pursuit of money ends up in a bamboo basket. Through various hallucinations, Milan Kundera felt that perhaps this "pursuit" was a mistake in itself. Actually, what is the weight and light in life? Just like a thousand Hamlet in a thousand reader's mind Marlboro Red, there is actually a lot of understanding. I think that doing what you want should be done lightly, don't care about others' eyes, do your own thing, go your own way, pursue your own love, and cling to your dreams. However, the lightness that the author can't bear, the story of those young people, is an aimless search for life. There is no return. It only runs along a straight line. This lightness is only superficial lightness. It is actually A heavy, overwhelming person. Life without a destination is like a body without a soul, just a walking dead. I know the sadness of a ship sailing on the sea without a direction, because I used to be confused about life. I was thinking, what is life, isn't life from birth to death? When we come to this world, it is the first life that our parents gave us, and then we start this long journey, from children ��s From innocence to youthful youth, from youth's recklessness to middle-aged stability, we finally learned to tolerate and forgive. In this journey, we have walked through flat roads and rugged mountains. We have learned to face difficulties, we have gradually matured in the face of dilemmas, and we can calmly face the responsibilities. However, there are too many people around us mokingusacigarettes.com, including ourselves, struggling for vulgar purposes, for "merit name", for "money", for "beautiful wife", for "children and grandchildren", busy for life, no return to life, in the end Only to find out that everything is nothing, everything is illusory, everything is an "empty". I think I still do n��t understand the book, such a philosophical proposition as light and heavy in life and unbearable light in life. , Is it that ordinary people can read through it once or twice?
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