#1 The sun brings hope von ylq 14.12.2019 07:15

The sun brings hope to all things. The whole world, because of the sun, has vitality; the young mind, because of the sun, has inner peace; our lives, because of the sun, are full of the beauty of life in the sunshine. At home, parents always take good care of us. When we are sick, our parents are more anxious than us, and do everything we can to make us no longer uncomfortable Marlboro Cigarettes, as if they wished they were sick. Every morning, my mother will give me a steaming breakfast, and I have to talk a lot in my ears to be assured. Family, let me feel the sun. On the campus, in class, I and my classmates explored the ocean of knowledge. We continued to absorb knowledge like sponges and grew up slowly. After class, we played and played together, laughed and laughed. The sun was shining on us in life. We will encounter many difficulties and frustrations, and we will be upset and disappointed. Failed, it does n��t matter, because this may just be a small storm on the long road of life. Remember that Ai Qing once wrote: ��One wave, one wave, jumping endlessly, each wave is not at the foot of the reef, and was beaten into Debris, its body is full of scars on its face, but it still stands there, with a smile, facing the ocean. "We have to face the setbacks like reefs, continue to work hard, do not give up easily, believe that after the storm, And the sun is waiting for us. Life is full of sunshine, it makes our future better and brighter. That man, who used to be as beautiful as a flower, had dark, big eyes, dark hair, and a thin, white face. But in my lush years, I had a few white hairs and a few wrinkles on my face. Yes, she was mine-my mother remembered that I used to have a fever and a cold. Coughing, fever, sweating all over the body in the middle of the night Newport Cigarettes Coupons, my dad and mom often take me to the hospital in the early morning Marlboro Red. Once my fever was 40 degrees Celsius, my parents were impatient. My parents wore thin clothes and drove to the hospital in sub-zero weather. Far from our home. After driving for 30 minutes, an iron railing stopped us because of parking problems. We plan to park the car with my dad first, and my mother will go to the doctor.

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