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When the smoke in the memory rises, let me recover the past time with the past. I began to miss the running playground, the corners that were punished, the corridors that went to the gossip, the corners of the street, I wonder if there is still our taste. When you meet you, you will know each other and know each other without a step ahead or a late step. I am accompanied by each other, no longer afraid of freezing in the cold, no longer worrying about the desolation. At that time we were pure and very real, like a cup of white water clean and transparent. There is no secret between them, no lies. Mature and childish, so Sven and ridiculous, have seen each other regardless of the image of the big laugh and the most ruined cry, say so good for a lifetime. It��s a pity that when I was young, I always thought about the future too well. The track along the time changed us bit by bit Cigarettes For Sale. Friends who used to be good in the past, but in the days when they didn��t meet in the future, they gradually forgot the number that can be contacted with you, forgot to promise to go to the sea when they grew up, and forgot everything that was said before. It��s not the same as the original agreement. The vows that I thought I have never changed for a lifetime are all light, but no one has ever said anything, and no one has wronged anything. I can only say that we are too stupid and innocent. We are like a circle, no one will be broken. Once you said: Wind chimes can't be without wind, wind chimes can only hang in the air silently, lose the original crisp sound, and lose the cheerful notes in the roundabout. Whenever I think of it, I always think of the wind chime that has lost the wind as me who lost you. Looking back at our bits and pieces, the imprint of different shades, and the memories of a smile Online Cigarettes. Maybe we are always self-righteous when we are young and ignorant. I thought we were desperate and lonely, but the facts can be called happiness; I thought that my face would cover my face and bury my head in my knees, so I could avoid the wind and rain; I thought we would stop at the place of time, but it was already The torrent rushed away mercilessly. Those who have appeared in the old days, the distances separated by time, and the promises of the scattered world, have disappeared with the passage of time. Only the fragments of that memory are shining, like the light spots that the sun casts on the road, the flashing light makes people feel it but can't touch it. If time can stay, I hope that time will stay for me at the moment we are together. Listen to your silver bell-like laughter, watch your arguing, and comfort you. Although those warmths have long been covered by the dust of time, I don't have to go back to us at the beginning Wholesale Cigarettes, but when I open my memory, except for you, it is blank or blank. The happy clouds that have been carried by the sky, after all, are still unable to withstand the ravages of time, and only those scattered memories live in the mind.

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