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I forgot the bustling city, and the plot that went into the south of the Yangtze River has faded away from the modern and colorful colors, depicting the lines of the water town. The brush outlines a soft silhouette - the rain is sloppy, and the old houses in the south of the Yangtze River are covered with smoke. The Xiaohe River has a circle of microwaves, and the smoke rises. Rain, wet my oil paper umbrella, I propped it up, pacing on the cool stone road, interspersed with the rain in the old house in the south of the Yangtze River slightly on the eaves. Looking up, the black tiled roof reveals the brightest side, carrying the essence of the heavens and earth, sliding down the bits and pieces of the years. The old houses in Jiangnan are simple and quiet, long and welcoming, old and feminine. The white walls of the years are characterized by the old cracks, which are even more slippery after being wet by the rain. There is a big wooden door in front of the house. I can't help but slam the smooth copper ring on the door. I want to ring the sleeping Jiangnan. Rows of old houses are lined up on both sides of the alley. The quiet and ancient atmosphere makes people look like people. In the ancient times hundreds of years ago, drinking a pot of fragrant tea, laughing at the chess and calligraphy paintings flowing in the river is the life of Jiangnan never stops Newport 100S, from the other side to decorate Jiangnan's tenderness. The river makes the old houses in Jiangnan no longer lonely. The river is clear and beautiful Marlboro Lights, reflecting the reflection of the old house. The fog covers the river with a layer of tulle, which is a kind of feeling like a fairyland, which makes people intoxicated and unable to wake up. At this time, a flat wooden boat on the river slid over and floated the ripples of the Jiangnan people Carton Of Cigarettes. The river beautifully merged the small wooden boat into one - the river did not seem to move, but because of the canoe, it lived. The river twists and turns. I and the wooden boat look for the source of the river, but I find that I am going around and still in the arms of the old house in the south of the Yangtze River. The people who live here spend their lives in a wooden boat and ask them to see the prosperity of the city. I don't bother with urban life, but I am longing for Jiangnan, a paradise, and I can't control myself. I ask how many people laugh at me and can't face my life. Jiangnan does not belong to me, but it is just a dream in my ideal realm. I am obsessed with this, but I also have to create this little color in my life to keep the beautiful Jiangnan plot in my heart. Waiting for me will be the endless night scene of the city. I have to look at the scenery of the city, and I will revisit the plot of Jiangnan one day.
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