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I used to have a class that reminds me of it. Probably when I was in elementary school, the teacher wrote the topic "Princess and Prince" on the blackboard Marlboro Cigarettes. "What can you think of seeing this topic?" the teacher asked. "Snow White" "Cinderella"... The children replied in a chaotic manner. The teacher smiled and said, "That's good. Let's make a game. Let's pick up the stories of the children with the theme of 'Prince and Princess'. I will be a witch for a while, and King Kong for a while. I haven't compiled anything for a long time. Finally, The classmates also said a lot of nonsense, ending with "The prince and the princess live happily together Cheap Cigarettes." Such a story has no logic, purely fabricated, except that boring is the murder of my brain cells. The last female teacher asked: "Who can tell what this story says? Everyone looks at each other, except that the actor is the prince and the heroine is the princess. Who can tell what is going on? I grew up and know the reputation Newport Cigarettes, status, and rights. Unfortunately, I have never done anything. I want to be The famous star, the frustration of frustration of me; think of the authority, the family frustrated me; want to have a young and beautiful girlfriend, money frustrated me. In my mother's words, I am the cockroach in the glass cover, the future is bright, that is I didn't have a way out. I listened to the advice of my relatives, gave up my favorite paintings, studied finance, listened to the advice of my friends, and married the daughter of the director. I listened to the advice of Laozhang people, learned to flatter and open the joints. The business is really flourishing, I really It has become a high-ranking official in the eyes of the world. In the end, it is such a me. I follow the advice of my subordinates to accept corruption and accept bribes. Then I follow the advice of my lover and throw away my wife. I am so high that the judiciary has come to the door. On that day, I saw a picture in the exhibition hall with a fish on it and a fish on a plate with artistic features. Everything around the plate: cross, traffic lights, branches, love... Suddenly I thought of the lesson in my childhood, remembering that the teacher said at the time: "This class is to tell you that other people��s suggestions are always suggestions, and the mess is recommended. How can you compare the story of a sentence that you have independently thought about? How can we compare our own stories written by ourselves? The teacher said it really well, why didn't I put it in my heart? Now I can only remember that when the cold handcuffs are on my hands, I look back and look at the fish around the painting, but none of them belong to the fish.
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