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There are several types of foundations to choose from but they all need a firm, level place to build them and you need to make sure they are square. Without these three things, your building will become unstable and will deteriorate rapidly. By planning your shed project and doing it right, with a set of garden shed plans, it will last for years to come.

Here are the 3 types of foundations that you will need to choose from.

1: Concrete slab, this is the best method to use to make your shed last the longest Cigarettes Online USA, provided you do it right. It must be done by a competent do it yourselfer or a professional.

2: Pier and beam, this is a simple yet effective foundation and makes moving the building easy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping.

3: Treated wood runners, this is an easy non-permanent solution that is very cheap to build. Simply clear and level an area and start building. You must use treated wood though or the runners will rot very fast and your new garden shed will not last Wholesale Cigarettes Online.

The pier and beam is the most common type of foundation however whatever type you choose you need to make sure the ground is level and firm and your foundation is square Cheap Cigarettes Online USA. Also, keep a slight grade so that any water that gets under your shed will drain off.

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