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I will accompany you to see the sea. He stroked the boy in his arms and made this promise. The boy looked at him suspiciously, finally, buried in his arms and fell asleep. Under the sun, a boy stood. The river wind was accompanied by countless The withered willow leaves to the boy. Perhaps it is the reason of the heat, the boy��s white face flashes a few drops of crystal. Just, the sky willows will not fall, why is it always hanging, still. The stars of Can Ruo Xing Marlboro Lights, staring at the withered leaves of the sky, reveal the confused question. There is a silver cross reflecting the light of the sun across the boy's white shirt. That is, I personally put it on. Just a photo, what a big deal. When did you tear it away? "The scornful voice came from the ear, she said beside. She is my nominal girlfriend, but it is only "nominal", nothing more. "You, say it again" I went back to God and looked at her. "I said I have to tear it off. She pointed at the photo on my hand. No, no, can't tear it. I have lost him and can't lose it anymore. "Can't tear it." "I took it out in an imperative way. "Why, I love you, but you yell at me, have time to look at this photo all day, but ignore me." What qualifications do you have to say to me? "She yelled at me and shocked me with a thunderous voice. I was almost deaf. Then, in the gap of my loss, I took a photo from my hand. "˻" The tearing of the paper made me squat. Wake up. When you look at it, the original perfect photo has been divided into two halves. In an instant, the grief of a few months has been suppressed in the heart, all turned into power, and raindrops fell on her. Punch, foot Kick. Use all my strength. "You don't understand what love is, think that paying a little, others will be grateful to Dade's to you. Tell you that love is never equal. Feelings are not justified. You don't get much more than you pay Parliament Cigarettes. "Retrieving the other half of the photo from her hands, and walking away from the students' eyes. In the ear, there are some words coming from pieces." Playing girls, shameless. "It turned out to be homosexual." "Gay people can play girls." The dragon has a counter-scale, and it doesn't touch it. It is a touch. And, depending on other people's opinions, restricting their behavior, suppressing their own thoughts, and putting aside their own happiness, it is not a fool or a fool. The two halves of the photo, scattered in the sky with the withered willow leaves, flowing out of your face, I will always collect. The holiday is coming, I will take your wishes, go to see the sea together. Let the blue water and wither The willow leaves are rushed into a pot of sweet tea Online Cigarettes, brought to heaven, and the wind and rain are all right, for you. I use the identity of the guardian of love to make a pot of my inner tears, plus the crystal of your face, the end of autumn Willow leaves, soaked into a pot belongs to our guardian clear spring, sent to heaven, the same wind and rain, bring you hope that you have a good life in heaven.
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