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Natana girl said that as long as two people see the apricot flower together, they can get rid of the worldly eyes, and then together One "girl, hurry up! Come on!" "Girl, you will I have been with me for a long time, "I'm sorry, girl, goodbye, I slammed my eyes open, and my eyes still hang with tears that were not dry, but I laughed. I dreamt of her again. For two years, her figure has always appeared in my dreams, but never appeared on my side. I buried my head in the pillow, trying to isolate the outside. Smell the seemingly nothing on the pillow that belongs to her unique taste. The dream comes in the lavender field, the beach on the sea, the huts in the countryside, the creek in the depths of the mountains... She carries the drawing board. The hair is tied to the sun, the painting is kept, the car is running, and all the good things are recorded. She also added a woman, a white dress, a quiet smile to each painting, and the picture turned into the sea in the middle of the night. She stood on the deck and looked at the blurred phantom of the lighthouse in the distance. The dark clouds swallowed the cold moonlight and the world was calm. The sea turned black at this time, and the bottomless black was not seen. In front, a reef is getting closer and closer. "No!" I slammed my eyes open... sweat and wet clothes quilt - Wake up Tw She once said that I am a person who likes to live in the past, I have never dared to agree, I Persist in thinking that you are a weak person. Because of weakness, I dare not face the past; because of weakness Cigarettes For Sale, I dare not face reality. I am a girl, a girl who likes women. Yes, you are not mistaken, I am a homosexual. Because I like girls Wholesale Cigarettes, I was scolded by my parents, looked down on by the teacher, and laughed at by my classmates. I have no friends, and with me growing up is a "pervert" Marlboro Cigarettes, a sentence of "disgusting." Until that year, I met her - she was very beautiful, with a slightly pathological pale skin, a long, soft, black waist, covering her thin shoulders. The clear big eyes always have a soft glow. She is like a feminine flower blooming in front of me. I still remember clearly that she came to me that day and took a sugar from her pocket and said to me, "Don't cry, the world hasn't abandoned you since then, I have never felt lonely. Three years." Time, we are inseparable. I love her, I don't doubt this, I don't want anyone to marry this love. I love her, love her every bit of a drop. I always believe that she loves it. I. Three, I love her, but at the moment she left, I couldn��t help but hate her. Even though I knew it was not her fault. From the beginning I knew she could not be with me for a lifetime, because the secular vision has Breaking the power of everything. And she, after all, still has not accepted the secular paradox. Love, hate, and when I leave, there are still thousands of attachments, all kinds of disappointment. I want to eat with her again. Bowl of instant noodles, a total of squeezed bed. Well, I lost, lost to the world, almost lost everything in the past. I hope she will not leave. But she did not go as far as she went. The moment my head left, my heart was empty. Warmth. Time, through the gap of the heart, one side fell, singing. I am no longer young. Four, after all, she left, took my heart and went far away. The empty heart seems to have a hole, that The deep and black hole seems to accuse the eyes of the secular, and it is like a depression of a huge tear. Apricot flower, apricot flower, when I can meet her in front of you, the sea of ??people Where did you go?
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