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Returning home with a tired body, her daughter did not cry as usual and asked me to sleep with her, actually went to sleep alone. The monotonous sound of the clock on the wall tickles me upset. I am too tired to kneel in the chair. It was supposed to be a happy dinner, and in the end it turned out to be an unhappy ending. I have a hard time getting together for a Friday, with a quiet to see Mom, who knows halfway to kill a journey bite gold, just did not enter the house for a long time, the butt has not been hot, the phone will ring, is a student of me The parents called, saying that the child has not returned yet, and he does not know where to go... my head is big, and it is him! This child is very rebellious, and it is already commonplace to leave home. For this reason, we are all in a hurry. I comforted the parents not to worry, Yu Guang saw his mother's face that was longer than the loofah. I suddenly felt that the big things were not good and I had to slip outside. When I finished the call, she was sitting at the table without a snoring. I couldn't take care of anything. I grabbed the jacket: "Mom, the students in our class have an accident, I have to hurry." Then I hurriedly took my daughter. It is. Settled her daughter, and then went out to find a student, broke the phone and screamed cheerfully mokingusacigarettes.com, damn it! I just wanted to hang, but the caller showed the mother's adult - the ultimate BOSS, just press the button, the mother gave me a grin on the face: "I can't hope you come once, but you don't even eat rice." Just leave..." I was anxious: "Mom, I don't want to see you. I am really anxious. The students in our class can't find it. The parents call me and ask me to help. Can I go? What if my students have three long and two short, what should I do?" "You will know that your school is busy with your class. Your students will have an accident. You will not care if your mother has an accident? You I have no conscience, I am so big to raise you..." I was upset. My mother��s words were undoubtedly fueling the fire. I was so angry that I didn��t know how to say something like this: "Yes, I The students are important, you are white to raise me! Mom, I beg you not to bother me now, I am really busy, I have not lied to you, I am already crossing now, how can I listen to you? Hey?!" I said, I hanged angrily, and I took a lot of amazing eyes along the way. I think I must have been like a crazy woman. I don��t think so much, it��s important to find someone! He used to have a few trips before. I was quite clear about the location of his hiding place. I finally got him caught. I called his father and told him the child. found it. Before he was "caught" by his father, I couldn't help but say, "Is it interesting to talk to your mom and dad teacher? We are afraid of you every day, can't you settle? I don't ask you. Like the good students in the class, the results are excellent. I only ask you not to cause trouble. You have grown up. Don��t you think that you are so naive? Are you worthy of your parents? The ancients have a dutiful son who is lying on the ice. And as long as you keep the rules and regulations, I am almost as good as the dutiful son!" Unexpectedly, this little stalker who always likes to work with the teacher is actually an uncharacteristic situation. He just moved his mouth and wanted to say What did not say after all. He glanced at me with a sorrowful look. I don't know if it was my illusion. I seemed to see the tears on his face. Then he lowered his head, and the glare of the sunset swallowed his thin body. I suddenly felt a bit sad in my heart. But everything is over, and I sent away this kid who is awkward. I feel that the bones are all scattered. People are standing still, and they quickly support the roadside trees. Move back home step by step. "���,���, wake me up and open my eyes, my husband's face appears in front of me in a close-up. "You? "The voice is a bit hoarse, and the whole person is sore. "How do you sleep on the desk and it will catch cold." "-----Everything is remembered, the night of the nightmare is over, and the husband just came back to work at night. "What time is it?" "At 8:30, are you wearing a watch?" "Well, I am late for work! When I am looking for something in six or five places, quietly and my husband are looking at me strangely. Mom, today is Saturday." Quietly and savoury Newport Cigarettes Coupons, porridge, milk Said with milk. "Yes, my mother is busy." I fell down on the sofa. "Yesterday, you went to see Mom Wholesale Cigarettes, how is Mom, "Mom is very good. "I am a little confused. Fortunately, my husband did not ask again."
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