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People live forever, memories are with reality, because memories represent the past. There is a lot of content in the past, and there may not be a lot of memories, because people who constantly renovate in memory can always stimulate people and things Online Cigarettes, or big joys and sorrows, maybe sesame things, maybe a turning point in life, maybe... ...but all are unusual and meaningless impressions of life. People live in the gaps of memories, especially when they are alone, the mind will always remember the past unconsciously. Maybe recalling the past can go with time, you can add some fun in life Marlboro Red, you can reduce some of the cumbersome in life, you can also retrieve the goodness from the past. Therefore, memories should be more happy, and unhappy can only be passed through the mind because of fear, unnaturally restrained. In the past, I rarely think of the future, because the future is very unpredictable. . Maybe I belong to a pessimist and never think of how beautiful and wonderful the future is. Since there is not necessarily a good and wonderful, I feel that I don't have to worry about it. On the contrary, memories take up more time. In the memories, there are interesting things about childhood, including bad and beautiful, hardships of life, turning points in life, emotional blending, including sweet and hurt... Repetitive memories of the earth, there is no time law Parliament Cigarettes, regardless of the space, can not help but consciously or deliberately. People who like to think are people who are easy to remember, because thinking is in a state of silence. People who like to think about it are because of the soil of thinking, because people do not live in an active and open environment, without the spiritual support of passion. When people are lonely, helpless, tired, and low, they are shaped like the dead woods of the forest, the lack of the warmth of the sparks of hope, the future is embarrassing, but the hope of the future is not seen, the heart is cold, the surrounding Everything seems to be uninteresting, only to be accompanied by memories, to find spiritual comfort in the memories. At this time, memories are extremely important. However, in the world of memories, too much repetition, especially when people do not feel the fun and hope in reality, the memories will be pale and weak. Now that I am not living in happiness, how can I go back to the hardships of the past? Now that you are not living in passion, how can you go to the heart of your love and be loved? Now that it is no longer a youthful teenager, how can we weave a borderless atmosphere? Hey, the days are gone, the people are slowly getting older, the passion is being cut a little, the mind is no longer embarrassed, the people are no longer yearning, the heart of relaxation is calming step by step, then to dull, all this Everything is just because there is no passion, no hope, and the heart of memories will become exhausted.
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