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If it is not because of Zhou Zhuang, this trip to Jiangnan is afraid of delaying. When I was on the road to Jiangnan, I didn��t know that I would lose my way in Zhouzhuang. Zhouzhuang is not a noisy. The road to Zhouzhuang is very peaceful. In addition to the passengers on the road and the bus I am riding, the traffic is still very small. The roads are not too wide, but the repairs on both sides are like walking in the middle of the garden. It seems to be running in the country, with fresh air and empty fields; it seems to be in the suburbs, and the front is a paradise that is isolated from red dust. In fact, like many travellers, I just want to see Zhouzhuang in the eyes of others in other people's worlds, but I have a desire for myself. From then on, I will give another person looking for Zhouzhuang from my own mouth. Enjoy the different depictions of Zhouzhuang. When I walked into Zhouzhuang, it was late, if it was in the winter, it was near dusk. I don't really want to visit such a water town in the morning or on a very bright day, in which case I will lose interest. I imagine that Zhouzhuang should arrive in an afternoon, or an evening, with the best stars, the little lights flashing in the breeze, the boat swaying on the water, walking from this bridge to another small Bridge, or sing or sing, or caress the guqin, listen to the sound of the Suzhou Pingtan, what kind of picture, what kind of kind of comfortable peace and car, an old couple, Husband is an amateur photographer, his wife is the scenery in his lens, every special scene will make the world in his lens feel awkward, or, just this ancient bridge, his wife has placed N different kinds of POSS, there are more N different kinds of visual feelings in his world, or more different feelings. Traveling Zhouzhuang is just a small stop on their way to travel. The old couple said that they hope to use the rest of their lives to travel around every place they can walk, holding hands to walk the best, if one day can not hold When the other person's hand walks, another person will use the rest of his life to go to every place where he can go until he is old. I don't understand the wish of the old couple. If it is me, I lose my lover, how can I survive, let alone one person walking, fear is impossible. It seems to be a bit clear that I am suspicious of the old couple. However, today, I am indeed a person who walks up and walks quietly in Zhouzhuang, a water town. Is this not in contradiction with my thoughts? I came to Zhouzhuang, and suddenly I want to throw something away Marlboro Lights. The storm in the red dust is sore and painful. After one time, my mood has returned to calm for a long time. I really did, but I don��t know every ancient bridge in Zhouzhuang. Every water lane, every long street, every stone wall and deep courtyard is the first. People who are close to it are like a look. My mood is unusually calm, with a little bit of uneasiness, for fear that the pace of my arrival will disturb the dream of Zhouzhuang. When I didn't go to Zhouzhuang, Zhouzhuang was already in the handwriting, brush, and rumors of many literati, and I was influenced by this. The topic of Zhouzhuang was always indispensable when talking. It was because I did not come to know that Zhouzhuang was a yearning for me. I am very grateful to Zhouzhuang. She had made me have many wonderful dreams and made me indulge in my dreams. I am not the first person to go to Zhouzhuang, nor will it be the last one Newport 100S. Before me, countless people stayed in Zhouzhuang. After me, there are still countless people going. However, Zhouzhuang is still the complete Zhouzhuang. I came from the red dust and did not bring a trace of dust in the red dust Parliament Cigarettes. Even though I was lost in Zhouzhuang, I was finally going back to the red dust. Still let Zhouzhuang, who has the same dream, stay asleep in my heart, and I hope that my heart will be able to calm down and fish forever, like Zhouzhuang. Kunqu, Zhouyi, Jingxiang. Small bridge, flowing water, people. Who is here?
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