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"Marnus Labuschagne, he's like Cameron Bancroft in the fact that he would literally do anything to play cricket for Australia. He loves playing cricket. His work ethic is as good as anyone. From everything I know about him - I've only met him a couple of times, but everything I'm hearing about him on the Australia A tour and for Queensland - he's one of those guys who is like the heartbeat of the team, like a Cameron Bancroft in terms of work ethic, desire, focus. So he's another great person to have in the squad."

These glowing character references will of course lead to other questions about Maxwell, in terms of whether the current Australian set-up considers him the sort of cricketer around whom to build a new team. His under-performance in England, when among the most experienced members of the ODI batting order, cannot have helped build an impression of reliability. But at a time when the batting-talent cupboard is all but bare for Australia, Maxwell's omission seems a still greater gamble than his inclusion would have been.

No longer consumed by thoughts of resuming his Test-match career against Pakistan, Maxwell will now turn out for Victoria in 50-over and Sheffield Shield competitions. Runs in domestic ranks this summer may well lead to the moment when Maxwell and others find out whether that "get more hundreds" line is genuine, or just a way of letting him down gently about his services not being required.

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