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The night is thick and the snow is flying. No trace of the moon, no trace of the star. I am afraid that I will not be able to leave my heart Parliament Cigarettes, and I will stop talking about it. New to thin, non-dry wine, not sad autumn! Keep it alone, drink it with wine. Empty and sloppy, tears wet, sloppy, rainy, sunny, night, deep in the long lonely waiting, do not know, there will be no dreams tonight. Anyway, I have no sleep at the moment. I am so fond of this deep night. Remove the mask from the camouflage and hollow out the internal organs. Let the soul laugh back in the lonely night, if not married at the age of 27, then, now, what will happen to me? Marriage is the end of love. I am still in love, why, but forgot the taste of love? Falling in love for ten years, in the years of love, once incited, once obsessed. However, why do you dream every night, but there is no shadow of the pillow? I am deeply blamed. Why can I control my body, but I can't control my soul? I used to ask him. Dear, in the dream, have you met me? He actually answered me without thinking, no. I am a little lost, and I am relieved. Smile lightly. Yes. How can you meet in a dream? Obviously, you can really sleep together mokingusacigarettes.com, why do you want to greedy and occupy each other's dreams? I remember that ten years ago, we were still teenagers in the lush years. At that moment, I actually depicted the appearance of me and his children. After many years, I found that the child��s appearance was far from what I had imagined. I even asked the child, son, how do you grow up like this? The little mischief actually asked me, mother, what do you think? What should I grow up like! I am at a loss. Love in that era, no hugs, no kisses, and no unmarried cohabitation. No, no, we don't. It��s not that we don��t dare to do it. We want to keep our promises and bloom the most pure ones on the most beautiful night. I should be grateful to him, isn't it? Such a man is worthy of a lifetime, and remembers for a lifetime. On the wedding night of five years ago, we delivered each other's most complete things to each other, so I completed the journey from a girl to a young woman. I cried, and the cry of crying was exhausted. He is very scared, he said, are you hurting? I said no. I am probably very happy. From then on, no longer afraid of one's night. That night is my most memorable. That was indeed my first night, but I did not see the legendary virgin blood. After many years, every time I talk about it, it will be my regret and incomprehension. Fortunately, he did not doubt me. He said, I believe in you. Without blood, I can only prove that I am gentle to you! It is such a man who knows how to pamper his own woman. What else does it mean? I still remember that in the night of four years ago, my son was born by caesarean section, and I also fainted many times. It was this man who silently extended his arm, dawn came, and found that the smooth arm was bitten by me, and the rows of teeth were printed with blood. I asked distressedly, fool, bite you, you don't know if it hurts Marlboro Red. ? He actually said that he was serious, but he didn��t hurt. Thank you, willing to have children for me. Is the man in front of me the husband I love? I fell in love for five years and got married for five years. In this decade. We changed each other. . Perhaps, the years have really changed us. As a post-80, there are too many helplessness to hold us. The pressure of life is gradually drowning the passion that once was. Instead, it is a dull accompaniment. Every day, I don't talk about the wind and snow, but say, don't forget to eat at noon, don't be too tired at work... Every day, laughing outside, returning home, hiding in their corners, busy with unfinished work. Sometimes
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