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I still remember that you promised that I won't let you find you, but you can fly so far as the migratory birds of Nangui. Love breaks the line like a kite and can't hold the promise you made mokingusacigarettes.com. I am waiting for the warm spring of the snow-capped mountains, waiting for the lonely geese after the melting of the plateau. Love is no longer able to renew love Online Cigarettes, can not return to our previous excerpt from "Xihai love song" rain if the sun is clear / Wen Hanfeng whistling, snow fluttering. The northern Iraqis stand in the snow, waiting for the millennium of millennium, the loneliness of the millennium. Holding the hand, one meter of sunshine carved out the tenderness of the world. After several rounds of rotation, the mill is constantly red and love. Meeting you is the fate of the previous life. I wish this world to be with you. I never thought about what it would be like to leave you. I never thought about what would be lonely and helpless if I didn��t fall in love with you in the red dust? Keeping the moonlight in the cold city, it is the night of the city. Broken bridges and snow, the sun sets in the sun, the night is fragrant; the Huangshan Valley's Lianzhizhi is in love with several worlds, and the Lingxuan arborvitae in the Taixu Temple is lingering in love. Looking back, I spent all my life in the millennium, and I exchanged my shoulders in this world. Have you really forgotten? In the millennium, the cold is coming. The Nanguiyan group travels to and from the sky. I am looking for it. Which geese in the air are the messengers you sent, and the letter I miss? You are gone, whether you have forgotten whether you have promised me, will go back to the city with a long time, and watch the love castle that belongs to us. There, I will water the happy flowers together, watch the sunset together, sit together in the rocking chair and slowly go old, and you will walk away. Have you forgotten that you have promised me, will give me a wonderful future, give me a rose of love. In our country of love, I write for you the verses we fall in love with, and you describe the pictures we love. Embrace, keep together, until the blue hair turns white, you go, go without worry, forget whether you promised me, no matter where you go, you will remember me. No matter where you are, I am the one who cares about you. You said that the geese are your messenger and the geese are your incarnation. When I miss you, as long as I see the geese in the sky, I will know that you are blessing me silently. As long as you hear the wild geese, you will know that you are also thinking about me. I believe every promise you say to me. But where are you? The geese are crying out. These geese were once old acquaintances. I just can't see anyone who is looking forward to it. I keep your promise, afraid that you can't find it, I stand in the same place and wait for the millennium. Thousands of years of love, the millennium is waiting for indifference to the prosperity of several generations, the sky is still vast, and the blue is gone, and the gray clouds cover the sky. I opened my eyes and the millennium has passed. Still not seeing you returning you have been away for so long, have you changed? Is there a warm home, and the gentle canna has gone so long, have you changed? I have long been unable to remember, and the people of Iraq and the Iraqis are waiting for you for a thousand years. The snow lotus on the Tianshan Mountain has blossomed. In the millennium, the love under the Shennongjia has been fruitful; the millennium, the birds of the tropical jungle have been singing and singing; The antelope of Hoh Xil has found a happy home for thousands of years. I don��t know how many times it will be reincarnation? I watched the millennium, drifted into the dust, and found that you fell in love with someone who shouldn't love, or wait for someone who shouldn't wait? How will the love rotation in the millennium continue in this world? Looking back in the crowd for a long time Marlboro Red, or looking for it in a dream? This world is destined to be missed. The only difference is that this world, your name, my last name... fall in love with someone who shouldn��t love, or wait for someone who shouldn��t wait? The call of the millennium, how will meditation in this world? Trying to forget in memory, or silently watching in the miss? This world is destined to not hold hands, but the difference is, this world, your name, my last name... Fall in love with someone who should not love, or wait for someone who should not wait? Waiting for the millennium, how will it be kept in this world? Waiting in the stars of the sky, still in the song of the migratory birds Nanfei? This world is bound to have no results. The only difference is that this world, your name, my surname spring is coming again. The ice and snow melted, and the geese did not. Still acquainted with the old days. Love is hard to renew love, and we can't return to our previous calculations. In this world, we have not waited according to the previous agreement. The wait of the millennium has opened up a new kind of love for Nanke, and wakes up and becomes empty.Hey! Mo Dao once fell in love, waiting for the millennial love. Falling flowers have a sense of self-zeroness, and Huang Wei��s dreams are awake, only remember that this world still has to pass by, forget the red dust, the only thing to remember your name, my last name
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