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The elapsed time is a soft, wordless sound that flows through the rhythm of the heart, and becomes a wind with the autumn. And I, in my own world, are alone. ------ Inscribed in September, the wind is thin. The blink of an eye is the end of the month, and the sound of fallen leaves in the autumn is quietly passing by. This season, there is no cicada, no heat, no sunshine, 45 degrees to look at the sky, very blue. The state of mind, under the vast and vast sky, suddenly disappeared. Then I wanted to travel in the sacred time of the day, and took advantage of the holiday season to make friends with me. The place was revisited in the morning light, and my heart was already sloppy. For eight years, the years have left marks, those little bits and pieces of the years, drunk time; those who are in the heart of the beautiful, blurred eyes. The youth of those years, drunk in the mountains and rivers. The memories quietly popped up, and in the scenes of the past, there was a smile of tenderness. The most beautiful thing in life is the desk that grows together at the age of the ages. That year, we broke free from the bottomless book sea, freed from the mottled path of the tree, and made a farewell to the high school before the departure, stepping on the lonely sunset and leaving alone. In the next few years, the thoughts were quietly rooted, and for memories, only those familiar faces could be found in the albums. Now, returning to this familiar town, seeing my alma mater who has been away for many years, I feel so happy that I can fill my stomach. The shop is a home away from home. The boss is a woman of similar age. It is very welcoming to us. The price of vegetables is also very cheap. Three people have ordered a few dishes, which is enough to support the abdomen. After a full meal, we decided to stroll down the street to the campus. Youth, always need some traces to prove that we have been young, and the things that remain are the old friends of time. The two small supermarkets on both sides of the street have now closed down, and the variety on the fruit stand has increased from the simpleness of the previous school to the present Marlboro Gold. In the student era, we felt shy in the bag, and took a walk after dinner. I felt very satisfied when I bought three or two oranges every other day. Continue to go forward, passing a few black nets at that time, I think that in the past, occasionally after the evening, I will go to the movies with a few untrained male students. In fact Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I am a student of the card. I still don��t understand the original. What kind of temptation can make myself escape the name of the birth management teacher, and a few people slipped out of the school gate in the middle of the night. Passing by again, the door of the Internet cafe is still empty, I wonder if there are still a few naughty children skipping classes and wasting a good time. About 100 meters away from the campus is a jewelry shop called a confidante. The memory of the student era is that there is a machine for making a photo sticker in the store. A group of 10 yuan can take 20 shots. The female students liked to come here at that time. Often the door is in the market. This shop is still there Marlboro Cigarettes, but I did not know why I moved to the store opposite the original site. The business seems to be a lot colder. Xu is a student of this age with a mobile phone, and does not like to play with these little things. The machine no longer exists Online Cigarettes. We didn't enter the store, just looked inside and thought it was a silent greeting to the "old friend." Then I chatted with my companions and went to the playground outside the school gate without knowing it. The roadside is the original house, but most of them have been renovated. A few familiar faces looked at us for a long time and watched for a long time. I wanted to take a photo, but I also wanted to do so for so many years. I ended up meeting each other. In order to avoid mutual ambiguity, I had to walk into the closed management. The gate is closed. My friend intends to leave, and at the tip of my eye I find someone coming in and out. So I took them and took the courage to go in. The side door is actually guarded, and it must be seen that we are not good at seeing us. From the side door to the rear playground, you need to go through the dormitory, dining hall and teaching building. The sun is shining, falling gently at the right angle, sprinkling on our increasingly determined face, looking at the companions next to the lower body, smiling and smiling, the heart is more emotional, over the years, we are no longer those who can be loud Laugh, ignorant and fearless child. The laughter and laughter of the past, in the years of flowering, the only memories left. Looking back, I can only sigh: the sky has not left my traces, but I have already flown through the open space. It used to be a small basketball court. I still remember the male students in the middle of the year. In the game, I also shouted at the side. At this time, it is a brand-new teaching building. Perhaps in addition to us, only the cracked concrete floor can remember the wonderful things that have happened before. Youth may be like this, then, oh, in the end, it is so quiet that no one knows the autumn campus, it is still full of life, and the past is full of green eyes. In front of the classroom, it was transformed into a small garden, and the animals of the stone sculptures were vivid. The sisters of the same class said that they should take photos in front of the classroom where she had studied. Perhaps the scenery has no original beauty, but after the years, who will remember a flower of prosperity? And the unchanging picture in the photo is the best way to carry the memory! My class is not far from her Newport 100S. This beautiful scenery falls into my eyes and I am in my heart. Time is light, there used to be a class, there are a group of people, there is such an exam, and then it is scattered, I think this trip really should not be empty-handed, at least let the memories be worthwhile, so they also took up After the emptiness, it can also be used to fill the void in memory. Unfortunately, until I left, I did not meet the teacher who had taught me. However, the sound of readings on the campus is one after another..... Now, I admire the group of children who are called students. They are like water, and they have a pure dream among the clouds and inks. The scenery along the way has gradually drifted away with the changes of the season. The past of youth has already been recorded in the annals of history. After returning to the cities where we live, we will be busy in every corner of the world. I stared at the fragments of the past, I don��t know if I had too many teenagers, and I don��t know if I would go back to my alma mater to have a few days of life. Those who used to be beautiful and warm eyes. Sitting alone in the corner of the season, listening to the whispers of time, I want to put the warmth in my memory on paper. Even if the road ahead is still lonely, there is a heartfelt feeling of love!
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