#1 She flew in the wind von ylq 05.06.2019 03:44

She flew in the wind with the wind, sitting with the leaves on the ground, two gold leaves, only one piece left, two missing one, the half-wind early winter sunshine is rare to appear, the students put the quilt on those iron wire, and I did not get on the sun, Maybe it was because I was too slow. Fortunately, my mother sent me a new quilt. The temperature of love is always higher than the temperature of the sun. It can be as glaring as the sun Marlboro Gold, and it makes people feel sad and unbearable. The warmth of the sun actually makes people more afraid of the cold Newport Cigarettes Coupons, because I rely on the sunshine and fall in love with that sun! I am also afraid that the dark clouds will block the warm sunshine, leaving only the darkness; I am also afraid that the heavy rain will drown the sun, leaving only the cold. Therefore, the warm sunshine, the warmer you make me, the more I fear, the fear, once I fall in love, you can't let go, fear that I can't live without you, fear the perfect turn of the cold, fear Suddenly everything is inexplicably disappeared... I have encountered it, the inexplicable break that has no reason, the too fast, too urgent, too wronged... I am still a stupid grievance Not white, it��s not too late to ask, but it avoids answering, and it��s indifferent, so I have to give up with a full of incomprehensible and resentful disappointment. Now there is a warm sunshine, through the narrow gap of my heart. Straight into my hazy space, into my heart, touched the ice, and finally melted, turned into a clear spring between the hearts, quietly flowing. But one reason that was unclear, actually prompted me to cover the beautiful sunshine in a small corner until one day I opened my heart and found that it was gone, disappeared from my world, just like never before. Dead silence. I was suddenly shocked, a cold sweat, could not help but choked, hysterical shouting, breaking the cold heart window, from then on, blowing the wind, burying snow, worms foraging... from the bottom of my heart The blood, it turned out to be the smell of the sun, just the temperature of the sun, yes, I fell in love, fell in love with the sun that disappeared Cigarettes For Sale. Think about the unclear reason, just because of the greedy view of the curved rainbow toward the cloud, what a beautiful rainbow, colorful, how fascinating light, but unfortunately can only be seen from a distance, not close to touch . The most important thing is that you have to wait until the wind and rain to see the rainbow, and it can only be seen for a short while. When the sun comes out, the rainbow disappears. The meeting of the sun and the rainbow is sad. If you can choose, do I choose to stay in the sun or the rainbow? I like both, and I love them. But is it because the sun is easier to see than the rainbow, or is it because the long hours make my eyes picky? I chose the rainbow in a superficial and greedy manner, and exchanged the sun for the price of the rainbow in exchange for the occasional rainbow. Why is this? ! Even I know that the rainbow is only a moment, just an instant, just a short time, and I have to touch it with enthusiasm. Why? ! Why bother? ! Is it the distant ambiguous talent to dominate Jiangtou? Is it only a strange short-lived to attract attention? Rainbow is not strange mokingusacigarettes.com, it is just bright colors, colorful and dusty Newport Cigarettes, choose to fix, some fate has gone, come, go, squatting has not been exhausted, I quickly polish my eyes, bow my head, I leaned over and shyly found that the sun was still there, always there, not disappearing, but I was ignored... and now I discovered that I fell in love with the sun that I ignored, and Already inseparable

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