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There are too many feelings, affection, friendship, and love in this world. The most unbelievable is love. Don't think that someone is good to you, saying that loving you is love. One day you will find that the so-called love can only be When there are only two people, it will be produced. When more and more people are around, you will find love: there will be too many hardships, countless responsibilities, unstoppable pressure, fading passion, two The boring of each other, the occasional loneliness, the uncontrollable feelings, the temporary stimulation, the friends of AUO and above, the confidantes and other excuses deteriorate. All these excuses are like an invisible hand by your side. Wrap it up, just when you are least prepared, it will hold your throat at once, so that you can't breathe, let you be overwhelmed, your only choice is to get rid of it, away from it. All this Excuses can only be explained in two words: selfish, so don't love again, love yourself and love yourself! Love yourself is the best choice! At the beginning of the Hua Deng, it was brilliant. The clouds in the sky are flying, and the people on the ground come and go. In the autumn of the city Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes, in addition to the temperature is a few degrees cold. The pedestrians walking up the street are getting more and more. In a twinkling of an eye, I have stayed in a few strange cities for hundreds of nights and nights. In a panic, there is a hint of confusion. I don't know when I started to live in the hustle and bustle of my life. Childhood fun has long gone. Being alone, I am fighting here. Today, I have a day off. I slowly sorted out the thoughts in my mind and found that life is really interesting. Alone, turned around outside. Looking at the car on the road, I suddenly found out. What have you done wrong, maybe! This is a price for youth, and maturity means losing more. I suddenly found out that there are so many people. That is, not living in the present, nor living in the future. Until now, I found out that I was a little tired. I was tired. I missed my home and countless memories. I could make my spirits have a lot of support. Only my family, "parents", and the hours I planted myself. That orchid. I remember slowly, I love orchids the most. I see it as myself, but I don��t know how it grows today? Or perhaps By Newport 100, its life has long dried up! And my childhood, it became a memory. Home, became a diary, mom, I want to eat sugar. "Son, it's too late." Dad will go buy it for you tomorrow. I don��t want to eat sugar. I want to eat Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, I shout, cry. "You look at the child, I will go when I go. Dad turns over and gets out of bed, igniting a cigarette in his mouth. Dressed in clothes, he will quickly fill the door, good boy! Oh, your dad bought you sugar, don't Cried, is it true? I have sugar to eat. Oh, the memory is already blurred, but it is still hidden in my mind. Whenever I think of it, I pouted. Looking up at the sky, smirking now, I grew up, grown up, and wandered outside. For life, for the sake of dreams. I stepped into this vast army of people, just to be successful. How many people like me, I have been away from home for a long time, I am tired. Home, I want to go home. I dialed the phone at home, my heart sighed and fed Carton Sale On Newports, who?" Listening to the long-lost familiarity, my heart trembled, I was, Dad, I want to go back. Home. "I open my mouth, and suddenly there is a sense of relief in my heart. Come back, have food at home." Until now, I found myself so close to home. My parents are always by my side, supporting my family with my spirit! It is a warm harbor. The source of happiness, the source of love Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping. Although I am in the South, my thoughts have already flown to my home. I fell in love with a girl again, I hope to bring her home to God, bless me. I took the light of hope and rushed to tomorrow.

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