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Tagore once said: "Only by cultivating hell, you can refine the power to create heaven. Only the fingers that flow through the blood can pop the world's swan song. If life is a flower, maybe the pain is the nutrient of moisturizing flowers. Only with it can the flowers thrive. All the grievances in life can make a person mature, and all disasters can make one person have wisdom. I can be a weak and slender woman, but it can also be a strong and flexible woman. Those who have hurt me, the bitterness and suffering I have experienced, are gradually showing the sweetness of the aftertaste. I remember someone told me a few years ago: "When you know the pain, you grow up." "I didn't really think at the time: "Don't always treat me as a child, why don't I know the pain?" "At the time, I always felt that my life was full of troubles Cheap Newport Regular Online. I didn't think that I used to say "when I was talking about new words." I really felt that there were a lot of people around me. For example, the boys sitting in the back seat always bullied me. My nephew, mathematics scores have not been able to improve, and the male dog next to the long-haired squirrel does not know what spells have been applied Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online. The math test can be nearly one-hundred every time. The long girl like a doll in the class casually sprinkles Marlboro 100S Cartons Us. I can't help you if you can't clean it. These can make me depressed. At that time, although my parents took care of me in every possible way, every time I watched my mood Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes, I was so cold, but I still felt troubled and wanted to grow up. Because when I grow up, I can leave this place that makes me full of troubles. Now, when I am studying alone in a place far away from home, every time I am wronged, I can only cry at night, still laughing during the day, still telling myself everything. I will pass by. When I am homesick, I can only listen to my parents�� shackles by phone. Because innocence is so helpless because I am stupid, I suddenly know what it hurts. Pain can spit out, can hate resentment. The real pain is that you can��t say it, it��s tears falling down and you have to look up and give yourself a smile. It can make a small home in the honeypot The princess grew up overnight. Perhaps the pain that grows like this is no one to replace. I can only suffer from the painful and painful feelings of the times. I suddenly understand some truth. Just as Hesse once said: "I am wandering around. Exhausted and full of dirt, youth stayed behind me, it hesitated, low head, and did not want to go to an unknown future with me. "And now I understand that gathering and dispersing in feelings are commonplace. I am afraid that no one is willing to suffer the fate of being abandoned. But if there is such a day, we must also find a soul in the painful battle. Cinderella does not have People give us beautiful carriages and clothes, give us access to the glamorous ball, maybe there is no prince who can change our destiny Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes, really help us only because we are injured, learn to grow. Because we know the pain, we gradually Growing up. Because every pain will make us more mature. We have learned to be strong, know how to cherish, learn to choose, to bid farewell to the original self, to meet the unknown and the future.

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