#1 I am an ordinary von ylq 20.04.2019 03:31

I am an ordinary woman. All I can do is take care of him and this family. Give support and help when he needs it. It is like the white cloud under the blue sky, even if it is an embellishment in his life..." Such an understatement is the simplest and sincere of the wife. The person who incited my life is not only the white clouds that are embellished Super Cheap Cigarette. When I was a child, I often listened to the old people in the village and said: Men are heaven, women are land... At that time, I didn��t understand. However, it is often attracted because of the mysterious white clouds in the sky. The blue sky is like a man's life chasing the mood of struggle, eager to be looked up, can not be expected! I think, no one knows that when the blue sky meets the white clouds, it will be so soft. Dear, like a warm hug, just because she is a white cloud in my temperament, proud to be like a prince talking and laughing, first met my wife like a white cloud, she is so sunny and energetic, stylish and capable dressing generous Decent, gentle and confident, clever and eager to learn and not to be close to each other, when her career is climbing, because the parents and sons who need to take care of the elderly have given up many opportunities for their own development. She is doing ordinary clerical work. She always smiles and tells me: "Although it is an ordinary civilian job, it is a trick to do simple things, so my trick is to work hard!" She never complains about hard work. With grievances, I am enjoying the current state of life. I understand that she does not want me to have too much self-blame and pressure. Sometimes I will think that if I have higher income, she will not have to work like that. The days, but it turns out that I am wrong! She often said to me: "There is a circle of work and life that I like, and the health and well-being of my family is her greatest wish. If your work is frustrated that day, at least I will not let my family hungry..." The wife has never had too much words, always smiles! I know that is the most sincere comfort Marlboro Reds 100S Carton. Now I am working hard, besides She and this family created a better life Newport Cigarette Cartons. Others seemed to be unable to do anything. Later, my career gradually improved and I was able to do it smoothly. During that time, I started to rarely go home and live in my own self-entertainment. In the music, it is the memory that I regret. The endless complaints have no affection, I don��t understand my hardships, and I have thrown indifference and disdain to her Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online, ignoring her tolerance and patience! I think, At that time, I should be a shameless gangster, plundering her kindness and trampling her tenderness. No matter how much I toss, she still cares for me and my family so well, and still smiles in front of her family... she is like that. Ordinary existence, and such ordinary is the love that I do not deserve. When the age of youth grows with age, the years have tempered our edges and leaves, and learned to let go of the camouflage to appreciate the original pure beauty Cigarette Cartons Wholesale. The wife has been quietly paying ,give I am warm and powerful with this family. She is the only person in the world who knows my pride and jealousy. She and I are not only the existence of marriage, but also the understanding and tolerance, harmony and stability! The place where she is is mine. Stop at the harbor, you can stop when you are tired, you can snuggle when you are tired!

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