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The mother of the dumb is one of the strange people in the village. It is not that she is a strange person, but that she is behaving strangely. She is very diligent, and often can see her carrying a small bucket to the river to wash clothes, wash her own, her husband's, and dumb. In addition to going to the river, she is basically on the mountain. What are you doing on the mountain? Cut wood. The old man of that age always has a feeling for the mountains in his hometown. My grandparents are also, she is also. She will go to the mountains if she has nothing to do, and she will not cut a hatchet at her waist. She can cut a lot of good firewood that is smooth, long and straight. Using the rattan to tie the firewood into a bundle, without any help, the mother who can bring the firewood to the mute alone seems to have only one set of black coarse cloth clothes, and several patches on the clothes and pants. She has three sons, the dumb is the youngest, her older son and the second son are very healthy, except for the younger son. The second son has already had a son and a daughter, but the eldest son and the younger son have never had a wife. I don't know if her first two sons have bought her clothes. I only know that I have never seen her through a patchless dress. She doesn't like to communicate with people. She does the most things in one day. Just talking to myself. When I wash my clothes, I talk to myself. When I chop firewood, I talk to myself. When I walk, I talk to myself. The gap between meals is also self-talking. No one knows why she talks to herself Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, even if you deliberately I won��t hear what she is talking to herself. She sometimes said the words of the local dialect, and occasionally glanced at passers-by, the mouth was broken, and occasionally swearing a swearing word that everyone can understand, causing many people in the village to resent, so the village people took her Shouting as a janitor. Epils like to braid their hair into two ponytails, squatting on the shoulders and over the chest. A few small black hair clips on the forehead, revealing a clean and full forehead. She is not crazy, she loves herself to talk to herself, and the rest of her housework is more than anyone else. She has never done anything to hurt people. Today��s "emotional son" has been old and thin, on her head. The hair is black and white and gray, and the face is wrinkled, the eyelids are pulled, the eyebrows are sparse, and the appearance of youth is not seen. But I guess, when she was young, she should be a girl with extreme water. After all, she has a small face and a curved eyebrow. I always feel that the "epileptic" in the village population has only a small world that is not understood by others, and nothing more. I know which year the dumb was born, so I don't know his age. I only know that when I was in elementary school, I was a dumb boy. When I was seven or eight years old, my dumb was about fifteen or six years old. I felt that the dumb was very bad. I often took his niece to the spanking when there was nothing to do. I was so terrible that I had a psychological shadow when I liked to go to school with his niece. Oh, yes, dumb, my childhood playmate - uncle, uncle. The niece that I said is a fool. When I was in elementary school, I often went to the house to wait for her to eat and then went to school together Buy Cigarettes Marlboro. At that time, the house had not built a new house. They all lived in an old house, so I can often see dumbs. I have seen many scenes of dumb and numbness. Sometimes, the mushy will rise up and fight against the dumb Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Sometimes the mushy will be chased by the dumb and even run out of the house. The scene is always confused. I became helpless, and I finally had to walk out of her house. I went to school alone. I never knew why the dumb was going to play the game. I only knew that the dumb was the most arrogant and most youthful. The dumb likes to wear a hat. He has a The old gray baseball cap may also be white, and it becomes gray because it is too old. In short, he wore that hat wherever he went. At that time, Dai Dai��s hat was very popular. At the time, there was a saying that ��the hat is wearing, the wife is coming fast��. Although the dumb has always been wearing a hat, but no one likes him, most people in the village still A shunned attitude. One of my uncles is one of the few people in the village who will not dismiss the dumb Order Newport Cigarettes. This uncle is widowed in middle age, and his relationship with his parents and children is not so good. He only knows how to drink all day. I don't know how he got close to the dumb Newport Cigarette Cartons. When the village found that the dumb often went to him and listened to him, it had already passed for half a year. Under the leadership of the uncle, the dumb learned how to buy wine, learned to harvest rice, learned to weed the land, and even learned to cut wood, dig caves, and burn charcoal. The youth of the dumb is very short, because he has not gone to school, no classmates have no playmates and no campus period; the youth of the dumb is very long, because whenever he sees him, he seems to think that he is still the same, ah, oh, the tone, The corner of the mouth that is upturned, the hat that is worn, the arm that is picked up when walking, is always very energetic. Perhaps it is because of laughter, there are a lot of wrinkles in the corners of the dumb, which makes him look very vicissitudes. Ming is not big next year, but it seems to have entered middle age. I don't dare to look directly into the eyes of the dumb, only to feel dazzling. In the third year of the third year, the dumb had a thing, and this incident caused a few villages to boil. The mute disappeared. No one knows how the mute is missing. The father of the mute, the old man who always loves to give the child a nickname - the man who sent the nickname "Shantoupo" to the village to find the mute, but how can he find the mute? The figure. It seems that the dumb seems to be going up the mountain, and I don��t know what to do on the mountain. So the Shantou woman mobilized many villagers to go to the mountains to find the dumbs to find the dumbs. The action lasted for three or four days. In the end, the dumb was found back, but what was surprising was that the location of the dumb was at the back of the village next door. The dumb can't talk, no one knows what he has experienced in those days. Therefore, those who love gossip say that the dumb is estimated to be fascinated by the ghosts in the mountains. If they can��t come out, they will be trapped in the mountains. Some people say that the dumbs may lose their souls, and let the girl pay him a fairy. Some people say that the dumb is estimated to be a dream-walking dream. When you wake up, you don��t know where you are, you are trapped in the mountains. Some people say that the dumb may go to the mountain to hunt for treasure, and then look for a careless lost. It��s so big after the mountain, it��s normal to walk from this mountain to the mountain... I have nothing to say, but I don��t have a guess. I will go home once a week, and I will go home first to my sister that week. The inquiring thing is how the dumb is, and the sister is very vague. In short, I don��t care about the other after I hear the dumb safely go home. Although I am also very curious about how the dumbs went to the mountains behind the village, and wondered how the dumbs spent the three or four days in the mountains, and wondered if he had seen anything unbelievable. But all these curiosities are not worth mentioning with the safety issue. The dumbs don't talk or literate, so the gossip legends in the village are just speculations from outsiders. In countless gossip legends, only the dumb was trapped in the mountains of the remote village for three or four days. This is a real thing. I heard that the dumb went home and the spirit was a bit bad. I also heard that the girl had really asked someone to invite him to the soul. I don��t know if it was useful. In short, the dumb I saw that week was a spirited look. The old-fashioned old image he left in my mind. I don��t know if it��s important because I lost it. After the dumb returned to the village, the attitude of the villagers to the dumbs became obviously better. Although everyone still wouldn��t talk to the dumbs, at least everyone would laugh at the dumbs. Fear, because of the later strangeness, I have never had a positive communication with the dumb, occasionally returning to my hometown, and encountering a

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