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When I came out for a walk in the evening, I saw a young man pushing a wheelchair. The wheelchair was an old man. The old man��s arms were holding a yellow golden hair. Her eyes looked forward, like a heroic warrior. Observing the enemy's situation, and from time to time, I look back at the old man's face gently, and the old man loves her head. On the old man's lap, there is a yellow golden hair, the size of the general in his arms, he is lazy lying on the old man's lap, pretending to sleep. When passing by them, I heard the old man whispering to the two dogs that you can only come down after the traffic lights. There are too many people on the road, it is not safe! At that moment, the heart is melted at once. A dog-loving person, when he was a child, his family kept feeding one or two dogs intermittently. I was very fond of my younger sister and my younger sister. When I grew up, I went abroad to study, worked outside, and had the idea of ??raising a dog. But I had to live in a fixed place, so I had to give up this thought, but the heart of the dog has not changed since the beginning. To those good-looking, cute puppies, I can��t help but see more. I grew up in the countryside. At that time, we can raise the Chinese pastoral dog Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale, which is called the earth��s slag. There is nothing else besides the dog. Most people in the countryside will raise one or two dogs to see their homes Cigarette Cartons For Cheap. In the evening, those dogs will be in groups of three or more, hanging out in the village, they will not hurt people, and the people in the village will not drive them away, so in my memory, dogs and humans are Can get along with each other. After dark, the dogs will go home and meet the dog who has forgotten to go home. The owner will scream at the door and shout "The sunspot...the sunspot..." The sound is long and long! Uninformed I thought that it was calling my family, but who dared to say that the dog is not a family? The rural people have always been simple, the dogs are loyal, and after a period of time, they often have deep feelings. After a long time, the dog becomes a family. An indispensable member. The most interesting thing is that rural people give names to dogs, most of them have no creativity, what are Peas, Lele, sunspots, hairs, etc. As far as I know, it is said to be the most peas! It is also interesting to say that if two people have the same name, when they are named, the two will definitely respond at the same time, and if the two dogs have the same name, when the owner calls them, they are Will be the first time to rush to their respective owners, unambiguous! So scientists say that the dog's IQ is very high Marlboro Red 100S For Sale, this is really nothing to say, I often go to the park for a walk, often meet some people who come out to walk the dog, under normal circumstances If I don't have a particularly anxious thing, I have to talk to my host with a few words. I will praise them for dressing up the dog very beautifully, or your dog is so cute... the host is very happy, then I talk a lot, including the dog's name, the dog food brand, the dog's favorite and so on. After some conversation, the most felt is that the owner has endless pets for the dog. This makes me think that when a dog is really good. I don't know if you have had such an idea? I really have, especially when I am in a bad mood, I will secretly think, be a dog in my next life, someone hurts someone, don't worry about those annoying. Things, as long as they will sell Meng, Ronghua will be inexhaustible, right now, and now there is a new term such as "dog dog diplomacy" and "dogs and dogs". It can be seen that the popularity of dogs is no longer the same. Now that the Internet is relatively developed, I often see those things about ill-treatment and killing dogs on the Internet. I think that stray dogs, regardless of the reason, are wandering in the city, as long as they do not affect the city, as long as they do not hurt. Others, we have no reason to hurt them! Animals and human beings have been good friends since ancient times. Have you forgotten it? Of course Marlboro Lights Online, you will also see some reports that are warm and heart-warming. For example, after the retirement of an old lady Cheapest Newports Cigarettes, she is single-mindedly accepting those stray dogs. Even though the family strongly opposes, the old lady is still unmoved; for example, a young man coming home from work, encountering a pregnant female dog, and taking it with him. Go home and take good care of you. Every time I read such a message, I always give them a big praise and dear friends. Have you ever loved a dog deeply? Have you ever seen a look at the stray dogs on the street? Have you ever encountered a dog that has been abused? If you have time and you have energy, then please give these hairy children a home. You don��t know, from the moment you adopt it, you are his whole. He will always love you, no discussion

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