#1 The winter in the UK von ylq 11.03.2019 02:54

The winter in the UK is often cloudy and rainy, and few days are clear skies. It is said that the sun can produce a happy factor. If it is a cloud cover and a rainy day, it will naturally make people happy and depressed. The existence of this feeling may be the reason for people who are far away from home. I always think that the wind, clouds, rain and snow here do not seem to have a warmth and romance, and some are just cold and ruthless. The winter rain of Gran is always day after day, and it is just a long day, blue sky and white clouds, and it will be able to look down on the wind and rain. God is willful and free to change the cloudy, rainy and snowy, it is really simpler than turning a book. In the winter, there is no poetic feeling in the rain. It is not as warm and warm as the spring rain. It is as silky as it is, and it is ascending to the world. It is full of flamboyant scent and spurs the recovery of everything. It does not flash like thunder in the summer rain. It is like a broken bamboo. The land of Weizhenghe Mountain, the world of the Qiankun universe; it is not as emotional as the autumn rain, the long lines of enthusiasm, the golden wind, the ripening fruit Wholesale Cigarettes Online, the style of the hair; the winter rain is the winter rain itself, it is cold, Ling Ranzheng, no compromise, stripping the earth's heavy makeup, tortured all things. In the middle of the mountain stream, the dead branches, the fallen leaves, sometimes the butterfly waves roll, and sometimes the bridgehead. Several colored wild ducks tried to flip the water in the creek and looked forward to a delicious lunch Cheap Newports, but the icy stream, even with the help of winter rain, was difficult to find delicious food. The helpless ducks are floating in the water Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, they are lost, and they are happy and tireless. The old trees by the stream swayed in the cold wind and took off the black branches decorated with green leaves. When they collided with each other, they expressed the sigh of "Oh," and looked forward to the arrival of spring, then spit new sprouts, and then sent tender branches. The grass that is not afraid of the cold is still showing their original green color. Under the moisture of the winter rain, it is more green and green. Only when the cold wind hits, will they snuggle each other tightly on the wet ground. During the baptism of the winter rain, the evergreen trees on the side of the road waved their green auras against the faint light of the rain. The crystal clear water droplets on the leaves one after another calmly floated the ground and the rainwater flowing out of the lawn green space. Synthetic, faintly rushing to the lower stream. The flowers and plants that first felt the spring breath, barely spit out the tender green buds against the winter rain, and some still hide under the evergreen bushes with lush foliage, quietly opening the light blue petals. It seems to be laughing at the weakness of winter. Several apple trees and some unknown fruit trees hung unattended, full of rich fruits. They nodded to the passing people in the drizzle. Some fruits accidentally fell to the ground, and after a few tumbling, they quieted Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale. Lying quietly in the arms of the grass. The phenomenon of "no one picks apples under the apple tree" has become commonplace here. The fruit trees on both sides of the street are covered with fruit on the autumn and winter seasons to form a beautiful landscape. The ripe fruit is not harvested. It is said that the nectar that is not as good as the apple picking on the tree has already saturated a large piece of lawn green space. The thin stream oozing out from the grass merges into a pavement, on a less wide sidewalk Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap. Flowing, bringing little trouble to pedestrians and their dogs. The white seagulls struggled to shake the wet wings, flew over the green space, trying to find the free food that people sent. The pigeons also swayed the fat body, licking and licking the grassy side of the

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