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Fireworks, into the deep night sky, cut through the quiet night scene, gracefully dragging the tail, hiding into the rainy season in March, drizzle, nourishing the vicissitudes of the past. In order to honor the agreement in February, for a lost regret, or just to taste for a fateful rush, you are in such an annual ring, quietly walked in, into the age I am looking forward to, warming a When you are worried about the geometry of your heart, try to be indifferent, whether it is a deep affection, or a simple relationship, no longer care for every rush of love. Deep down, I have been afraid of losing, afraid of the experience I have experienced, entangled in life, deliberately rejecting the unintentional embarrassment, obsessing with a shallow ink, although I can��t write a page for the time, But on a quiet night, write down every moment of the wind, record every time there is rain Wholesale Cigarettes Online, stain the moonlight, let the time flow, the words of the graceful, still in the wall of the story, interpret the love Legendary dewdrops, sitting in front of the lazy, soaking a cup of faint petal tea, sending a cloud of smoke, waiting for a sudden person, with you to write the most beautiful roadside before the love, carrying a deep love The breath of the atmosphere, wearing tattered clothes, shaking a leafy green banana, boiled a pot of boiling water, no faint tea, full of blooming flowers, no flowers like a shame fish closed the moon. Only a pair of indifferent eyes, seeing you rushing, hurried away, grievances but sighs and ignorance, only eager to listen to your silent passage after the rain of the leaching, step by step lotus, open a love Heaven, I happened to pass by, you look back at the moment, seeing my dreams written in the night, one word, one sentence, waiting for you to piece together the perfect sentence to spell together the sentence, must present your kind heart, a leaf to go to the end of the world In your quiet heart, constantly surpassing the height of life, in the quiet afternoon, with you outside the wall of the story, smash a bottle of clear water, pour all the stories, dripping thoughts into the muddy wellhead. An elegant woman, carrying a bucket full of fate, slowly walked into the spring of March, looking forward to the poetic sunny day in April at the doorway you passed Cheap Cigarette, leaving your rushing back, telling you a paragraph The experience tells you my full happiness. When you stop at my window, listen to the song of the moon singing; when you walk through the deep night, let me taste the bleakness of the night; when you walk into the flowery March, walk into my closed heart, I I know that I have buried a wonderful foreshadowing in the days of April, and I have to hold this pen, one page at a time, and Linyi��s long-lost thoughts. Because, at the end of the thoughts, you must be in the nearest corner, silently count the traces of the flow of the year, wrote a gorgeous dream associated with me. Even if I am lost in the busy lane, I will follow this clear stream, all the way to the April of yours, picking flowers on the branches, singing the warmth of spring Newport Menthol Cigarettes, the tender green grass, painted the earth The green, the swallow of Nanfei, the sweet singing of the armpit, the music falling on the tree, dripping on the eyes you look at, telling every waiting person - spring is already blooming in the branches Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap, where is the guardian of love? Dodge. At this point, the clouds turned into a rushing wave, two flowers, singing the spring tunes, and awakening the friends who were drunk in the ground. Come out, hurry up, you must know, for this poetry, How many nights did I write about the loneliness of one night and one night, and cut off one after another, just for the colorful March, and I look forward to the clear skies of April. Sprinkle a piece of clean water, let it slide freely, draw a beautiful rainbow, step by step, run a beautiful world, April can not reach the tomorrow In the gaps of time, write down all the ordinary roads that have passed, no romantic followers, no sweet vows, no poetic agreement. But I have to draw a straight line for the time. When time goes there, when the footsteps fall into the ordinary simplicity, I have to take the guardian dream, watch a beautiful fireworks, the rain in March, please take my heart, simple Sealing, let me miss the earliest flowers, but in the most beautiful season Cigarette Wholesalers, embrace the warmth of April, talk to you about a love that never expires.

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