#1 It is night, going forward von ylq 26.02.2019 02:58

It is night, going forward, seeing thick fog, losing direction. The fog is scattered, looking up, seeing the stars are rare, and the blackbirds fly south. world is full of people, and it is inconvenient, and it will inevitably be covered by some "dense fog", thus losing direction and being overwhelmed. is the best era. This is the worst era." The wheel of history has never stopped, but developed technology seems to inject accelerators into the times. History is advancing with the times. Where is the fog in front, and where will the future go? Napoleon once had many things that people dreamed of��glory, power, wealth, and he said: ��I have never had a happy day in my life.�� Glory, status, Power and wealth are just the dense fog in front of you. When the thick fog is dispersed, it is happiness and happiness.he intense rhythm of life, people are gradually assimilated by superficial society, and they do not agree with the underlying nature. During World War II, the British and American military decided to strengthen the place where the aircraft had a lot of bullets after the battle Wholesale Cigarettes. The statistician Wardley made a public debate and insisted that more attention should be paid to the parts with less bullet marks. It turns out that Ward is correct. The thick fog on the surface blinds most people's eyes. Only Ward has a unique eye. After the "dense fog" is opened, he sees the essence of things. The parts with less bullet marks are ignored, but they are also fatal. Once hit hard, it is difficult for the aircraft to return.orld is full of sorrows. People gradually lose their direction in the journey of life, and they drift away with the tide, thus losing their self, losing their true meaning and thinking that they are ordinary. But that is not ordinary, but mediocrity. People become blind, just looking at the surface of things, but never dare to try to spread the fog and explore the essence of things. Only by not being confused by the appearance and grasping the essence of things can we find the key to solving the problem. Why are more and more people easily confused by the surface? Because of desire. The nothingness of money, power, and status controls the hearts of the people with ease. The demons in people's hearts put them in the dense fog and cannot get out Newport Cigarettes. Human desires are endless. The greater the desire, the bigger the temptation, the easier it is than 2,000 years ago, the sage Confucius said: "I am not righteous Marlboro Red 100S, rich and expensive, and I am like a cloud." What a slap in the heart! What a wise choice! "Fully and expensive, is what people want Cigarettes For Sale." Valuable, but if it is unjust after wealth, it is just a cloud. Confucius used a pair of eyes to open the dense fog of precious textiles and saw the true essence of thetoday's "dense fog" of social environmental pollution and ecological destruction, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the guiding principle of "green mountains and green waters are Jinshan Yinshan", and clearly grasp the essence of things. Environmental protection and green have entered thousands of households. surface of things is often gorgeous and fascinating Carton Of Cigarettes, but the surface is virtual and the essence is real. It is crucial to grasp the essence of things.f the fog is foggy, once it is finally dispersed. The moon is coming, and there is a moon in front.

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